ONE ROOM KITCHEN : The Story of Middle-Class Family’s Dreams

‘One Room Kitchen’……the small dream envisaged by a general middle-class family man residing in the typical chawls. A citizen accommodating himself with his family in the tiny space of a single room in a chawl invests all his lifetime earnings along with a miniscule loan amount borrowed after mortgaging his precious ornaments to buy a spacious apartment strives all his life for fulfilling his single dream. But hardly does he realize that he loses the charm and the pleasure emanating from his prevailing stay in a tiny chawl room amid enduring the stress of repaying loan installments, monthly budgeted expenses, attempts to increase his savings and the pains of making the two ends meet. It is based on the foundation of this concept is the upcoming Marathi feature film ONE ROOM KITCHEN directed by Mahesh Tilekar and produced by Purushottam Agarwal under the banner of ‘Sai Siddhi Motion Pictures’.

Just like what is happening in the world of Hindi film industry, as per the new trend and with the changing taste of the audiences the new pairs of the artistes are being seen even in the Marathi film industry. Once a pair becomes hit the producer and directors seem to be giving preference to the same pair again and again and then the audiences too start losing their interest in seeing the same pair together time and again. Considering this fact, the fresh generation of the producers and directors has started hiring new faces that have not yet formed a pair in the films. Likewise for the first time, the pair of Bharat Jadhav and Bhargavi Chirmule coming together shall be seen in the upcoming film ONE ROOM KITCHEN directed by Mahesh Tilekar. Along with these two prominent actors, there is a platoon of other potent artistes which includes Rajesh Shringarpure, Kishori Godbole, Viju Khote, Ashalata, Vijay Chavan, Kishori Ambiye, Vijay Chavan, Sanjay Mohite, Smita Shevale, Rakesh Bedi, Kishor Pradhan, Liladhar Kambli, and Sandip Pathak. Famous Bollywood actress Helen and renowned Marathi artiste Dr. Shriram Lagoo shall be seen in a special guest appearance.

The story of the film ONE ROOM KITCHEN takes place between the happy middle-class family of Ravi and Suman. Ravi is an employee in a simple manufacturing unit working from 9 AM to 5 PM and Suman is a housewife managing home in the limited earnings of Ravi. Both of them are the parents of the two children named as Sayali and Sachin. The love and affection between Ravi and Suman has not diminished at all even after completing 15 years of married life. The residents of the chawl are very large-hearted and emphatic although they are staying in the tiny spaces of their rooms in a chawl. While the life is sailing ahead smoothly like this, one day Suman suddenly meets her college-mate Neha. Neha invites Suman with family at her spacious and well-equipped luxurious flat. Suman starts feeling envious of Neha after paying a visit to Neha’s home and she insists upon her husband Ravi to plan for the purchase of a housing apartment of a one room kitchen at least. Initially Ravi tries to convince his wife that this idea cannot fit in his limited earnings but eventually succumbs before the stubborn demand of Suman and thinks of purchasing a one room kitchen apartment that fits into his budget. Both of them start putting their heart and soul together for being able to manage earn the money necessary for fulfilling this cherished dream such that Suman starts maintaining distance with her neighbours too while being completely engrossed in her dream of staying in a flat. But one day suddenly she realizes the true meaning of happiness in life. The topic of emotional transformation from a stay in a single room of a chawl to migrating into an apartment is the theme everybody likes around which revolves the upcoming Marathi feature film ONE ROOM KITCHEN.

Mahesh Tilekar is coming before the audience in his versatile capacity as the story-screenplay-lyrics writer along with costume-designer and the director of this film. The dialogues of the film ONE ROOM KITCHEN have been written both by Mahesh Tilekar and Sanjay Pawar. The music has been composed by Ashok Patki and the songs have been sung in the melodious voices of Shankar Mahadevan, Mahalaxmi Ayyar and Bela Shende. The dream-world of the middle-class families has been tapped in his camera by Amalendu Chaudhari whereas the editing of the film has been carried out by Ashish Mhatre and Apurva Motiwale. While the choreography has been handled by Deepali Vichare, the Sound has been handled by Prakash Nikam, Art direction by Sachin Nevse, Make-up by Pravin Modak with the Production managers are Abhijit Abhinkar, Amol Purvat and Nilesh Shete.

Endowed with the acting talent of many capable artists, the film ONE ROOM KITCHEN is being released soon on 16th December.