Nofel Izz is creating a huge following in the world of music

Nofel Izz- a name that is creating a storm not just amongst the Desi music, but also by working with International brand names- David Guetta. Fans will get a first-hand release of this in UK, USA and India.

Currently the singer is the process of releasing his new song, composed by Pakistani composer Irfan Saleem which is sung by muse of the new Babujee dherre chalna (Salaam Naamaste), Sonu Kakkar and Nofel himself. Suresh Thomas from Cresendo Music Group quoted,  “We were considering between Shriya Ghosal and Sunidi Chauhan, but then after meeting Sonu, he voice complimented the melody aptly.”

The first peek of this fresh release is a romantic duet called ‘Meherbani’ with soft rhythmic beats. A very first style for Sonu Kakkar.

When asked, why there has been a delay in his release Nofel said, “ I have been challenged with both my singing and business lifestyle. Traveling between Dubai and Canada is making it difficult to find spaced time for singing. I am in the process of completing some transactions, and then will completely dedicate myself into music.”

The delay in his music, has not affected his fan list, which he responds to on a daily basis online. With over a quarter million followers, he spends three hours daily talking to them through mails.

Joining hands with COKE STUDIO, India, he is thrilled to be performing for the youth as he believes they are constantly synced to their music, appreciating all styles and genres.

His recent composition is an unplugged version ‘Sonia’ a Punjabi song with an Instagram stop motion video, the concept has been shot in Dubai and can be viewed on his Facebook fan page.

Nofel Izz, a brand name that has been able to sing on the same platform with famous Pakistani singer Sanam Marvi is definitely one of the most searched names on Google today. His music can be enjoyed by all age groups and there is always a story telling in each composition. He has several projects lined up for the year 2013.

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  • April 22, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    I love his voice. This guys is sexy !! Keep it up Nofel.

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