NIVDUNG to release on 21 October 2016

In Maharashtra today, various films are being on different subjects. Some just make you laugh while some make you think too with comedies interspersed with social malaise too. Some are glittering while are artistic. However, through Nivdung, those will be able to see reality at its best on the silver screen. Those who live in cities are able to get gold of everything easily but very few films show how tough is it for people in the villages to face the harsh reality and survive. The film Nivdung sets out to present reality of the drought in Maharashtra. The film has been produced and directed by Munnawar Shameem Bhagat and is all set to release all over Maharashtra on October 21, 2016.

sanskruti-balgude-and-bhushan-pradhanNivdung made under the banner of Meena Shameem Films has been produced by Munnawar Bhagat. The film is embellished with melodious music. The title itself is mysterious an d the story is gripping. Bhushan Pradhan and Sanskruti Balgude will be seen in the main leads in the film. It is the story of the youth of today. It revolves around the fight of the youth against nature and how he comes to term with the nature. While tackling the serious subject of drought, Munnawar Bhagat has also interspersed the film with a love story with effortless ease while Mahendra Patil has written the screenplay and the dialogues. Bhushan has brought to life a rare kind of hero on the screen who has hitherto not yet been seen in any film while Shekhar Phadke also lived his role. Sanskruti also has lived her role effortlessly and showed her versatility as a danseuse too in the film besides rendering a good account of herself as an actor. Munnawar Bhagat is confident that the film will prove to be a great success on the basis f omits brilliant story and the casting of actors of exceptional merit.

sanskruti-and-bhushanBesides Bhushan and Sanskruti, the film also stars Sara Shrawan, Astad Kale, Prajakta Dighe  and Shekhar Phadke. The film has six different songs pertaining to different moods and all relevant and situational to the subject. Rafique Shaikh has written the lilting songs which have been written by Zaheer Kalam, Prasad Kulkarni and poet Sharad. Shashikant Meena is the associate director of the film while A.K.N. Sebastian is the cameraman of the film. Megha Sampat has choreographed three different numbers in the film while Sandeep More is the Executive producer of the film, which has been shot extensively in the vast expanses of the location of Kakdi near Shirdi.