NIVAANT by Pankaj Vishnu, Rendezvous with celebrities in chilled mood

Popular Marathi actor Pankaj Vishnu has turned author. His book NIVAANT was published recently. In his column publishing in a Marathi newspaper, Pankaj used to write the experiences of talking to a celebrity in relax mood. NIVAANT is collection of these interviews. The book has 37 interviews of celebrities like Vikram Gokhale, Neena Kulkarni, Milind Gunaji and more, specially concluding with Lord Ganesh which is the highlight of book. GLAMGOLD met the talented actor and the author Pankaj where he shared his journey and the book in a relax mood.

“When I call celebrities for meeting they use to get surprised. Secondly I never took any recorder, never used mobile to record. So they get more surprised. I had gone to their home, office, gym etc to talk and wrote in such a way that readers should feel as if they are present there. Initially I short listed few friends like Sameer Dharmadhikari, Rohini Ninawe etc with whom I more comfortable. It increased my confidence. In fact all the celebs are my friend so I did felt tensed.

I did not want to create any controversial things. My aim was to write whatever talks happening in relaxed mood. I really enjoyed taking interviews. I came to know many unknown things about them which I penned.

Starting and the end of each article is my thinking, my feelings about that person. The middle portion is informative. Somewhere it is like poetry, somewhere like literature…I like that very much as it has been narrated very well.

Writing within deadline was the toughest part. It was weekly column. I was also busy in shooting many times. I use to talk on telephone when deadline was closer.

My purpose about the book is to reach more and more people instead of making limit of only newspaper readers. I discussed with my Dad and father-in-law publishing my articles in a book form. They said yes and encouraged. I have thought two names ‘My Space’ and ‘Nivaant’. Everybody has a favorite corner in his house where he likes to sit and relax. Secondly today’s youth is using the words ‘my space’ frequently. But then I felt ‘Nivaant’ was closer to the subject and was expressing the soul.

Next I am thinking to write short stories. Lets see…Right now I very happy to get good response from the readers.”