Nitesh Bhardwaj launched “SHREEMAD RAMAYANAM”

Recently GIPSY Music has launched the music Album SHREEMAD RAMAYANAM in Crossword bookmall. Actor, Surgeon & Member of Parliament (Known as Krishna) Nitish Bhardwaj And Mr. Saranathan,Vice President of reliance Industries has released the Album. Shreemad Ramayanam is the better among the epics. It is one of the oldest scriptures of the Hindu tradition whose influence can be found outside India too. The original and widely accepted version of it is the one in Sanskrit called ‘Valmiki Ramayanam’ which houses 24,000 verses. Besides, the regional versions of Ramayanam are also respected and recited.

Every character of this epic carries an invaluable message for the mankind and no incident in it is bereft of message. Exemplifying this very fact is the existence of numerous commentaries for the epic. Nevertheless, every time Ramayanam is heard, recited or enacted, it turns a new leaf in us.

This album carries discourses of over 36 hours on Ramayanam in English aiming to reach the households, thereby the hearts of the listeners and transporting them to the land of spiritual ecstasy and pure devotion.

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