Nikhil Kamath’s music contributed in the victory of Samajwadi Party

Everybody knows about huge success, victory in Uttar Pradesh by Samajwadi Party in recent state government elections. Nikhil Kamath has composed the songs for the party for their election campaign.

Nikhil came to know that Akhilesh Yadav wanted songs which can narrate about the party, its work and about Akhilesh. Nikhil took a song penned by Vimal Kashyap “Azad Hindustan Ki Yeh Aawaz Hai, Iss Party Pe Sada Desh Karta Naaz Hai’ and recorded in the voice of Javed Ali. Akhilesh was impressed by the music so much that he told Nikhil to compose all the songs. Two singers from UP Achchhelal Soni and Aseem Yadav came to Mumbai. The four people team made twenty five songs. Javed sung ten out of them.

These songs instantly appealed common man and became superhit. Everybody was humming the songs during the elections days. With the magic of young leader Akhilesh Yadav these tunes make such an impact that resulted in victory for Samajwadi Party. After becoming chief minister Akhilesh felicitated and thanked Nikhil and his team. Nikhil also performed at the celebrations.