Nikhil Dwivedi is huge James Bond fan

If there’s one thing Nikhil Dwivedi refuses to part with it’s his prized James Bond collection. The actor who is a huge Bond fan has an impressive collection of DVDs, video game adaptations, novels and other exclusive merchandizing from the film series, franchise of which is one of the longest continually running film series in history. So obsessed is the actor with his envious collection that he’s allotted a specific room in his home to stock up on his fetish.

Says a source, “Nikhil is a huge 007 fan – be it novels, DVDs, posters etc you name it and he has it- He was one of the few to first get his hands on the Golden Eye –Nintendo game and his collection is sure to make plenty go green with envy.”

Nikhil says, “Yes, I’m a huge James Bond fan –Cigars, Italian made suits, Vodka martinis –shaken not stirred and the wit to go with suave charm –who wouldn’t want to live the life of Bond”.