Nikhil Dwivedi does a fine balancing act in friendship with SRK & Salman Khan!!.

That there are camps, lobbyism and loyalists in Bollywood is a known fact.. But then, there are common friends who can  be on to either side of the fence if two stars  are not exactly on talking terms.

Lately the gossip mills were churning about the latest controversy in Bollywood. What raised everyone’s eyebrow  was the fact that at the success party of Salman Khan’s  ‘Dabangg’,  was the entry of four Shahrukh’s loyalist – Nikhil Dwivedi, Riteish Deshmukh, Sanjay Kapoor and Chunky Pandey. And though everyone felt  it was understandable from Nikhil’s point of view, as he was close to Salman in the phase where there was a perceived difference with SRK  and later they both patched up, the presence of others at the party, was puzzling to the industry.

Well if  Trust, Impartiality and common interest are the core of any friendship  then you do not have to take sides because true friendship is not about showing allegiance and seems like  Actor Nikhil Dwivedi has managed to balance both friends rather well.

So, well, we don’t know about the other stars that were spotted at the do, Nikhil has a reason to be seen with both the Khans without ruffling any feathers.