Nickelodeon presents the firebrand classic DENNIS THE MENACE

Everyone’s childhood is incomplete if this trouble maker hasn’t been a part of it. Yes, you guessed it right… we are talking about none other than – DENNIS THE MENACE! After making people around the globe laugh for decades, the world’s naughtiest boy lands on Nickelodeon on
June 11th at 5.30pm!

Dennis, an impulsive, angel-faced little devil always gets into tricky situations. While most of his mischief is for fun, sometimes it causes serious problems or sometimes even helps others. Accompanied by his side kicks Margaret, Tommy, Joey and their pet dog Ruff, Dennis exasperates his next door neighbour,
Mr. Wilson and puts him in awkward situations. He finds himself in all kinds of wild adventures… from international espionages to trips into the past, but always manages to save the day. The only thing that saves him from getting whacked is his innocence and his original cute little smile.

Starting June 11, Nickelodeon will air some of the best episodes of DENNIS THE MENACE. The mischievous young boy is up to his tricks again, all ready to enter your living room and have a gala time.

DENNIS THE MENACE is all set to entertain you from June 11, Monday to Friday at 5.30 pm!