Nick presents a double dhamaaka episode of Keymon Ache, this Holi!

The episode opens with Rohan down with an eye infection, resting at home and hence Keymon giving him company. To while away time, they ask Rohan’s mother to tell them a story. Keeping the season in mind, she tells them the ‘Holika’ story. As she narrates the mythological story, Rohan starts imagining himself in the role of Prahlad and Keymon as Hiranyakashyap! The real mythological story turns into a hilarious one as Keymon gets into the demon’s avatar making it the highpoint of the episode.

In the second part, the entire gang decides to play Holi together. As they are having fun with colors and pichkaris, some naughty boys from the neighboring building start throwing colors at the gang. Using his magical powers Keymon and the whole gang comes together to scare the boys off. The episode is full of fun and laughs as Holi turns into a war of colors. So get ready to enjoy the double dose of fun only on Nick!

Tune in as Keymon and Rohan celebrate the festival of colors with fun, frolic, laughter and masti on Thursday, March 8, 2012 @ 6:30 pm only on Nick