Nazia Hussain acknowledges to being compared with Preity Zinta

Vivacious, bubbly and spirited Nazia Hussain had received compliments for her beauty when her debut film SAY YES TO LOVE released. Her next film YEH JO MOHABBAT HAI is ready to release. She acknowledges for being compared with the dynamic actress Preity Zinta but strives to create her own persona.  “I have always been compared with Preity Zinta. That is a huge compliment, she is beautiful, but I want people to like me for my own,” says the dimpled Nazia.

Aditya Samanta, her co-star in the movie YEH JO MOHABBAT HAI comments, “I always had a secret  crush for Preity Zinta, also those who have seen the promos and the trailers feel that Nazia and me share a great chemistry and look good together. For now we all hope that this chemistry works its magic at the box-office too.”

YEH JO MOHABBAT HAI releases on 3rd August, 2012.