Nationwide metro talent hunt MR. AND MISS METRO began in Mumbai

It took three youngsters with guts to embark on a venture where they source talent nationwide. Editor Mithun Nair, management graduate Nadeem Shaikh and international choreographer Dev Kakkad have teamed up to take on a nationwide metro talent hunt for faces, MR. AND MISS METRO with Sandeep Soparkar and Jasse Randhawa who will mentor and judge these youngsters and give them direction and let them grow in life. Actor Kiran Jhanjani and prosthetic make-up specialist Ritu Jhanjhani will be their pillar of strength.

The trio began with their first leg of Mumbai MR. AND MISS METRO hunt this month. Need we say, the launch event saw a horde of people cheering these youngsters on their venture! Vasant Bhandari of UB Group, Harmeet of Meet Brothers, sufi singer Muddasir Ali, Kiran and Ritu Jhanjani, Sandeep Soparkar and Jasse Randhawa, Hemant Thakkar of Uninor, retaurentaur Param and Junaid were among the many who cheered Mithun Nair, Nadeem Shaikh and Dev Kakkad on their venture.