My film will leave the audience enchanted : Vijay Patkar

A multi-faceted actor competent of capable acting potential along with an excellent sense of timing for generating humor is none other than Vijay Patkar. His journey in the capacity of an amateur actor through all the four mediums like advertisements, daily soaps, theater and cinema has now crossed the phase of being a director to eventually himself become a producer now. After the direction of five successful films like ‘Ek Unad Diwas’, ‘Chashmebahaddar’, ‘Jawaibapu Zindabad’, ‘Sasu Numbari Jawai Dus Numbari’ and ‘Sagle Karun Bhagle’, Vijay Patkar is now poised for launching his next venture of a Marathi Feature Film full of bubbling laughter titled as LAAVU KA LAATH. Through this film, Vijay Patkar is stepping into the shoes of a Producer, Director and an Actor, all three moves at one shot. This is an exclusive he granted to GLAMGOLD on that account.

GG) You are already a director and an actor but for the first time you are launching yourself in front of the audiences as a Producer of a film LAAVU KA LAATH. What will you say about this new game plan?

VP) I have already worked in this domain as a director for five Marathi and 2 Hindi films. However, I do each of my project with the same enthusiasm as if it is my first project. Therefore, even though LAAVU KA LAATH is my eighth film, I am feeling as though it is my first Marathi film nevertheless. Besides that, for the first time I have accepted the responsibility of being a producer, director and an actor too in this project. But not only I was endowed with an active co-operation from all the actors I had chosen for this film, thanks to my rich experience of interacting with all of them for such a long span of time but the vital suggestions made by each of them also have resulted into the making of a truly fresh rural comedy product in the end.

GG) What will you say about the attractive title of the film LAAVU KA LAATH?

VP) The curiosity of the audiences increases sharply if the title of the film alone is spicy enough. Therefore, I settled with the title of this film as LAAVU KA LAATH to fully address the issue of searching for an appropriate title that meets this need because the story of this film revolves around the mystery of a 150 years old sandal surrounded by the eventful comedy sequences and the fun generated thereby indeed called for an equally unique title.

GG) How was your experience of working with other actors of this film?

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