Musical Drama Bhairavi releases exclusively on

Bhairavi a musical drama film has been released for the first time exclusively on The film which was shot in the year 2008 was never ever before release because of the movie’s post-production issues.  The film consists of ace actors like Mr. Sandeep Kulkarni, Priya Gill, Deepak Qazir, Subrat Dutta and ShabnamVadhera.

The story follows the life ofBhairavi, a passionate Sitar Player. Her Father and her guru fixes her marriage with his Favorite and ambitious student Shubhankar.After the marriage Very soon they have temperamental problems. Following a split, a heartbroken Bhairavi shuts herself from the world.  The director of the film wants to bring us a cinema that celebrates music along with portraying the shades of feelings and insecurities of an unsung musician.

Bhairavi a musical dramaThe idea for the film germinated between the writer Ashok Mishra and Suhail Tatari at the gardens of the famous Kamal Amrohi studios of Kamalistan. Though it took about a weeks’ time for the script to be finalized, Mr. Ashok Mishra’s previous experience on a documentary of the `musical Gharana` was an additional benefit. According to the director, one of the most challenging parts of the movie was its music. The film’s music was composed by Mr. Sajjid Ali a young but a highly talented composer who had an understanding of the classical music along with the films requirements. One of the major concerns of the film was its background score as well which was supposed to be classical India as well as needed a modern layout. This was accomplished beautifully by Mr. Sajid who was able to bring forth the two in the right proportion and mix.

Mr. Piiyush Singh, Co-Founder,, “We at muvizz have always strived to curate and bring limelight to various classic and independent films. Bhairavi is a perfect example of the kind of cinema we represent on our platform. We are very much proud and glad that our viewers will now get to witness a never seen before film like Bhairavi and all it has to offer.”

Mr. Sandeep Kulkarni, who plays the main lead, quotes, “This film ‘ BHAIRAVI’s very dear to me as an actor and also as a person. Personally, because the story is loosely based on one of our country’s sitar maestro who’s also acclaimed internationally. The story travels from a northern small town Bhopal with its lucknowy culture to ambitious city which was then known, Bombay. The story has layers of music gharana, passion, and politics with interrelated love. As an actor, Shubhankar was a challenging role. I had to actually learn sitar since the story revolves around that. Also, it was fun to show a range of age from 21 to 55. This is close to my heart and one of my most important roles. I’m very happy because of platform my most favorite and awaited film finally available to viewers all over the world.”

Mr. Suhail Tatari, Director of Bhairavi comments, “‘Bhairavi` has taken me into a world of Indian classical music. It had taken us almost a fortnight to finalize the script but film scripts are like human beings; they have a life of their own Kundli. For several years the papers lay in my files and it rolled a few years later. One of the major challenges was the music, since the film being a musical drama, I was trying to learn the nuances of music from musicians and the music Director. The information had to be processed and passed on to the actors once the filming started.  Both lead actors were put under training to learn sitar. An `ustad` rehearsed with them for over a month on the recorded tracks (in all over six). The process continued during the filming. Music had indeed become a character in the film.”

Mr. Subrat Dutta an actor in the movie who plays the character of Nisar said, “This movie  *BHAIRAVI*is not only depict   about SUR ,TAAL, LAY of “Music” it’s also about  sur, taal ,lay of  “Relationships ” and basic Human emotions. Fantastic experience to work with Suhail Tatari sir ,Atul sir ,his team and all my co-actors.Really excited to know that now it’s available on So thanks to my producer Mr Uday and” has been backing innovative content films right from its inception.  The platform recently gave backing to various projects such as the documentary on Late. Mr. Jagjit Singh, the remake of Albert Pinto ko Gussa kyu aata hai, Taandav and Kriti. The platform aims to assist filmmakers at every level to gain global exposure while encouraging diversity, creativity, and innovation in the process.