MTV India has launched its first ever print magazine- Noise Factory!

MTV, India’s ultimate youth destination, brings to you a vibrant, whacky and hip monthly magazine – Noise Factory! With its promise to move beyond music and television, the magazine is yet another extension to brand MTV and is the first ever print publication launched by MTV India. A breakthrough from all conventional magazines & dedicated exclusively to the youth, Noise Factory is a fun, upbeat, interesting and exciting magazine that complements the attitude and personality of today’s Gen-X! The magazine has now hit stands all across the country.

 Launched in November 2010, Noise Factory is priced at Rs. 75 and is available via subscriptions across 23 cities in India or at select locations and bookstores like Odyssey and Landmark, as well as your favourite magazine-wallah in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata amongst others.

 Noise Factory promises to give you access to the most interesting and useful stuff. Under columns like ‘Audio Files’, ‘Wired’, ‘Sasta Rasta’, ‘Inside Story’ and others, topics range from food reviews, to tried and tested services, to books, shopping, phone apps, young art/photography, affordable travel and the best on the World Wide Web. It brings into focus new and upcoming musicians and bands, chats up the stars of the music industry, and brings you the best of gaming and movies, besides also running monthly contests that allow readers to bag all sorts of free goodies! With all this and innovative content like a calendar of the most fun events each month, funky D-I-Y tear-outs, fake news, and a sneak peek into the workings and people of the MTV office, this 64-page square magazine is not necessarily out to give you the latest, but rather the best, which makes every issue a keeper and not something you read once and throw away!

 Says Aditya Swamy, Channel Head – MTV India, “Young people are getting noisier than ever. They want to hear as much as they want to be heard. MTV understands this and hence goes beyond entertainment… We want to reflect, educate and lead. All in the trademark MTV look and feel. Noise Factory is a step in this direction by bringing all of this under a single umbrella. With this, you can carry a piece of MTV with you wherever you go. Noise Factory had already touched close to 10,000 readers and is now available in colleges, bookstores, gaming parlors, cafes, tattoo parlors, quirky shops, cinemas, wherever you find young people, noise will never be far away”

Adds Sandeep Khosla, CEO-Publishing, Infomedia18, “’Noise Factory’ is our endeavor to reach out to the biggest section of our country today: The Youth. Although MTV is a pioneer & a clear market leader in this segment, there exists a gap catering to this important segment in print. Our effort is to give the Youth a magazine they have always been shouting out loud for and in a format which is highly interactive as well as informative. Infomedia18 has been at the forefront of special interest magazines in India with products such as Overdrive, Entrepreneur, Chip, Better Photography etc. and with ‘Noise Factory’ it brings a new publication targeted exclusively at the Young & Young at heart. With MTV’s requisite expertise in the youth segment, we plan to take this magazine to a leadership position.”

Says Ravina Rawal, Editor-in-Chief – MTV Noise Factory, “Noise Factory is an alternative youth culture magazine that’s both hip and square! It’s sharp-witted, sometimes insanely funny, and packed with information on everything the youth is up to, or should be. The design is completely unique, from the square shape to the wildly coloured graphic elements inside. As for the content, we support and encourage young people with great ideas, are curious about alternative career paths, excited about travel, serious about gaming, and crazy about music. We don’t take everything seriously, the tone is casual and chatty, the content is fun… This is what teens and young adults should pick up when they need a break from their busy lives, and want to just chill, have a few laughs, or even figure out what to do on the weekend.”

 Some of the contributors include – renowned author, poet and journalist Jerry Pinto; stand-up comedians Vir Das, Sorabh Pant and Rohan Joshi; VJs Anusha, Jose and Nikhil Chinapa; other guest contributors who are experts in their own field; and reader contributions are always welcome. Noise Factory juxtaposes a blend of the most interesting people all in a unique 21cm square shape format!

 Noise Factory is a reflection of the young Indian’s life – a happy mix of music, careers, travel, gaming, trends; what the youth is up to. “We’re here to make some noise. We hope you’ll make some noise. (And then we hope we never have to use that phrase again.)”

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