Mrunal Jain has a new hobby

Fitness is such an important part of an actor’s life. Be it by hitting the gym, doing yoga, following a strict diet or exercising, actors often leave no stone unturned to remain in shape. After a while, shedding extra kilos and maintain themselves seems to become part of their daily lifestyle and they start enjoying the process. Actor Mrunal Jain, too, seems to have added a new element to his fitness regime. The actor loves to cycle and feels that this is a great way to remain in shape too.

“I still remember how much I used to love to cycle when I was small. Although I am super busy with my work schedule now, I take out time to cycle around for a while. I get up a little earlier in the morning and go for a ride. It wakes me up and helps me feel rejuvenated for the day ahead,” says Mrunal, adding, “Of course, cycling is also a great way to lose weight too. I prefer it over gymming because you get to do it in the open, which obviously makes you feel more energised. Although I still hit the gym, I like to cycle as well.”

Ask him why actors give so much importance to the way they look, and he says, “Actors have a lot of fan following and there are so many people who idolise them. In that scenario, it is also important to look your best, we owe it to our fans. Having said that, apart from looks, it’s also important to concentrate on your craft, as it is what gets you through to your fans. Mrunal Jain is currently in Indonesia and expected to come back to India next month.