Motorcycle Adventures of Bollywood actor Vikrant Rai

Actor Vikrant Rai who is a known television face and who made his Bollywood debut as male lead with film UVAA (2015), later on followed by critically acclaimed movie BHOURI (2017) which has been getting positive response internationally on Netflix, shared an unknown & interesting side of his with us.

Apart from he being an actor who is a delight to watch onscreen he also is an avid motorcycle rider and hardcore adventurer at heart,something which was not known to us before.

First he surprised us by taking on one of world’s most deadliest roads on a motorcycle trip covering a full circuit of Gurugram-Manali-Leh-Srinagar-Gurugram, a total of about 3500 km’s in 21 days last year (September 2017) and now this year (March 2018) with his incredible motorcycle journey covering the southern parts of India from Mumbai to Munnar & back.

And giving him company in all of his extreme adventures is his wife Priya Dass.

After Seeing the pictures and hearing the experience we have nothing to say except “Hats off” to her for being a part of such tough journeys with him. She not being a rider herself but just a pillion rider is surely one hell of a tough lady who knows very well how to stand by her husband.

Now we can very well say that behind every successful journey there is a woman.

After knowing about his recent biking expeditions we were curious to know what drives him to take up such challenges as it is quite unheard of actors taking up such journeys all alone by themselves considering the many risk factors involved.

To which he simply replies that since childhood he has been fascinated by the stories of explorers who have ventured in to far off lands and discovered new cultures and places. He still remembers how as a kid he used to love reading stories like ” Adventures of Robinson Crusoe ” & “Adventures of Tintin”. Plus he believes his case is different than many other actors. He is not a star son to be surrounded by bodyguards all the time, so that gives him edge over other more hyped actors to move around freely.

Despite of him being lead face of many popular TV shows and two Hindi films he is still able to move around without any fuss.

He says he is a normal regular guy first then an actor as he comes from a simple humble background.

He believes life is like a story book & it is entirely up to us to make it interesting, extraordinary, normal or a regular routine stuff.

For him life is like a road sometimes smooth and sometimes rough. We should be able to enjoy and overcome every good & bad situations in life just like we don’t stop just because we hit a bad patch of road.

We all have some source of inspiration & some ways of rejuvenation, some hit clubs/pubs, some hit theatres to cool off and watch a film, some go on a picnic or a weekend holiday with family. Hitting the road on a motorcycle and venturing in to an unknown uncharted territories is his way of cooling off.

He feels as an actor it’s very important for him to know & observe his country closely & meet all kinds of characters on the way & that is possible only by a road trip.

Undertaking such journeys makes you stronger from inside and teaches you many lessons on the way most important of them is not getting stuck ever be it in life or on road. One should keep moving forward.

Quite inspiring we must say.

We could say nothing more but just wish him good luck and stay safe on your future trips as we need the young actor to regale us more with his great upcoming performances.