Meri Marzi fame singer Devang Patel in jail

DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND. Meri Marzi and Pichhadi Pe Kutta Kata fame singer Devang Patel did shoot of his forthcoming album PATELSCOOP’s one song ‘Naughty Boy’ on 1st April. As the song is about making April fool it was shot on the first day of April. The location was jail.

GLAMGOLD visited the set to know more about Patel’s song. First question was why shooting in a jail? Devang said, “As you have heard the song you know I speak few celebrity bachelors name in the song. So I just wanted show that I am already in jail (Laughs). Actually 1st April is known for making people fool. Si this song is just that. Nothing serious. We have only one April fool song in an old Hindi film and that was also not released on 1st April. So I specially planned to release on this date.”

The song is single release on ‘flipkart’. The whole album will be completed in a month. Are you taking advantage of modern technology? “Why not? Last five years were very bad for album industry. Thankfully good days are here again because of Internet, you tube etc. The technology which was curse has now become blessings. Now are the digital days. You can download the song from websites, mobile or Internet. We have tie-up with flipkart. You can download this song from there. There will be six more songs in the album.”

“You can watch teaser on You Tube. It has become the best platform for creative artists. You make anything and put on You Tube. I am also experimenting this. I was not active for albums last five years. Now I have come back. If I get success in this I will make Internet full of my songs,” he adds.

What about films? Patel says, “There is plan of making bilingual film in Gujarati and Hindi. Script is ready. It will be Bheja Fry type comic craper.”