Marathi film SHALA : passionate love in its purest and elementary form in school

Adaptation from the book

The screenplay of this film has been adapted from the best selling novel of the same name, by reputed Marathi novelist Milind Bokil.

Say’s director Sujay Dahake, “When I first read ‘Shaala’, I was mesmerized by the sheer loneliness of the character of Joshi. The backdrop of the Emergency and the influence of the hippie culture give the book a very interesting backdrop with, in my opinion, some of the most interesting characters in Marathi literature.”

The novel looks at passionate love in its purest and elementary form in school, in the form of the first love. The movie is an attempt to bring to life on screen, the very essence of pure, unrequited love that the character Joshi feels for his classmate, Shirodkar.

India of the 70’s – Emergency and its relevance to the movie

The India of the 70’s was troubled, reeling under the dictatorship of the Emergency declared by Indira Gandhi for 20 months. The counterculture of the 1960’s viz. that of free speech, liberation, the sexual revolution woman rights and the drug and hippie culture wasn’t felt in its full impact in India.

It was only after the Emergency was declared that the youth of 70’s India realized the importance of liberation and freedom, and started a counterculture of rebellion. The leftists and communists rose to power and massive anti government campaigns became common.

This state of a society on the verge of its first post – independence transformation is reflected in SHAALA.

Producer : Vivek Wagh, Nilesh Navalakha

Director : Sujay S. Dahake

Story : Milind Bokil

Screenplay : Avinash Deshpande

Cast : Anshuman Joshi, Ketaki Mategaonkar