Madhur Bhandarkar becomes a reporter…

This is the ultimate example of how men will never grow up and will always be boys. During an interview with a renowned channel recently, filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar took the microphone of the channel and started interviewing the actors of his soon-to-release movie Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji. Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi were supposed to be on the other side of the fence being grilled by Madhur, but the actors grilled the director instead. But all this was done is good humour.

Madhur asked Ajay about his character in the movie DTBHJ. To this Ajay said, “The director of the movie asked me to act like him completely (talking about Madhur here). He wanted me to play him, a 38-years-old falling in love with a 20-years-old. He also told me that if I spend a lot of time with him my performance will improve.” Hearing this Emraan cracked up and Madhur was shocking. “Oh My God! What are you saying on National television about me,” said Madhur laughing.

When Emraan was asked the same question by Madhur, Emraan fussed over the question being very boring and asked Madhur to ask a sizzling question. “Ok, you have worked with so many actresses, which one has a child like heart?” asked Madhur. Before Emraan could answer, Ajay whispered, “Kabhi yeh dil tak pahucha hi nahi!” the three men started cackling again.

Emraan was asked by Ajay whether the director taught him how to kiss in the movie? “Oh well you know our director makes realistic cinema and he wanted to add his touch to everything. So even though I knew how to kiss on screen he used to show me how to kiss each actress,” said Emraan giving Ajay a wink. Madhur couldn’t stop blushing and said, “Well dear viewers these guys are just joking. I did nothing of this sort.” The men or should we call them “boys” could not stop laughing for as long as the interview lasted.