Little Kavya Ramani’s heart touching gesture for her father

We all know that fathers prioritize their girls over anybody, but the relationship between this duo Kavya and her father is really heart melting one.

Kavya’s Father Bimal Ramani who once stayed in Surat flew down to Mumbai over night when once Kavya said I want to be an actress. He did not hesitate, as he knew how talented his girl was.

Kavya, at such an young age understood, the sacrifices her father has done for her. Kids show their love and gratitude to their father only on Father’s Day, but for our little Kavya those days do not exist as she surprised her father with a very cute handmade card as token of love and gratitude for helping her accomplishing her dream.

In a conversation with Kavya, she mentioned, “ I have always been inclined towards acting and other creative activities. My parents realised it soon, the passion I showed for acting. My father took an immediate decision when I told I want to act and wanted to be seen on TV and we flew down to Mumbai. He has worked hard and I wanted to thank him for the things he has done for me.”