Lets hear Diwali plans of TV celebrities

Diwali is looming close and as our TV actors get ready to celebrate the festival of lights, they share with us the most prized gifts, which they have either received or given, on this day.
Bharti Singh
Diwali is the best time and the brightest time of the year. This beautiful city is lit up and there are smiling faces all around. Diwali ko khushiyo ka tyohaar kaha jaata hai aur isse baar meri khushi tho dugni hai kyuki isse baar Harsh mere saath hai. I and Harsh are celebrating Diwali with close family and friends. Along with the Durga pooja we have a small get together with a few family and friends. It feels really good to catch up with old family and friends during this festive season.
Salil Ankola
I will be at home with my family as for us Konkanis Diwali is a big occasion and we have a big Pooja at home and the whole house will be brightly lit up with lots of mithai and lots of food and friends coming over. There will also be a lot of shopping included and it will be a fun filled splurge day.
Delnaaz Irani
As we all know Diwali brings luck and happiness this year it brings to me more happiness than ever. This year Diwali I might be working for my new show but along with that I will be having a small pooja at home. I and Percy love to light up our house with diyas and love having friends and family over. I have bought a lot of stuff for Diwali this year and will be celebrating it with the people close to us.
Shafaq Naaz
Diwali is one of the most amazing festive season and mostly everyone spends it with family. This year I have decided to celebrate it in a different way. This year I have decided to go to an anathashram and celebrate Diwali with those little ones. I love kids and I think you should spend Diwali with kids and give love to people who deserve it.
Akshay Dogra
Usually we plan a trip out of the city into a greener cleaner place but this time work hasn’t allowed us to do that, so I will be celebrating Diwali at home with my sister and Masi who lives here and of course our little one yet hasn’t seen the city skyline during Diwali, it’ll be interesting to see his reactions.
Chirag Jani
Diwali is the festival of lights, not noise. As a kid I loved firecrackers. But now I certainly don’t enjoy the noise pollution I love celebrating it in an Eco-Friendly way like celebrating Diwali in a more environment friendly way decorating the house with colourful Lights. Diwali was never about crackers it is about celebration with family and friends enjoying great food and lighting up your home with diyas.
Tarun Khurana
Diwali is a festival of celebration with closed ones. Hence this year I will be celebrating Diwali in my hometown that is Delhi. I have my entire family with whom I celebrate Diwali. We decorate our house light it up and celebrate this beautiful festival together.
Shilpi Sharma
Every year I celebrate Diwali in Rajasthan but this time I decided to stay in Mumbai. It is said that Mumbai is the best place to be in during Diwali so I decided why not to be here. I will be celebrating Diwali this year with close friends we will be going for dinner, a little bit shopping and will also be visiting a temple on Diwali.