Learning is lifetime process : Harsh Nagar

Vipul K. Shah

Delhi boy Harsh Nagar debuted in Bollywood with 2011 film Always Kabhi Kabhi produced by Shahrukh Khan under Red Chillies Entertainment. Harsh is popular name in ad world. He has done more than 50 commercials. He has done French film ‘The Queen’. Now Harsh will seen as a lead in LOVE DAY – PYAAR KA DIN releasing on 14 October 2016. The film is directed by Harish Kotian and Sandeep Choudhary.

harsh-has-taekwondo-black-beltWhy it took so much time after AKK to LOVE DAY? Says Harsh, “I was getting many offers but was not up to the mark. After doing nice film like Always Kabhi Kabhi I wanted to go for better and deeper scripts. So was waiting for the perfect script which I like and see I am here with LOVE DAY – PYAAR KA DIN.”

delhi-boyharsh-with-sahil-and-ajazTalking about the film Harsh said, “I am playing Harry who is sensible and hyper. LOVE DAY is story about three childhood friends Harry, Monty (Ajaz Khan) and Sandy (Sahil Anand). It is a journey of friendship from the age of 13 to 30. Sandy and Harry often fall into trouble due to Monty’s antics. Their families do not like the friendship with Monty and separate the three friends. But what happens with them you watch it on big screen.”

harsh-nagarSo what is the usp of the film? LOVE DAY is mixture of drama and comedy. See there is lot of stress among the people these days. My film will definitely make them laugh and relax.”

harsh-is-a-good-dancerHarsh being a Taekwondo black belt has a flexible body. He is a good dancer. The actor has been groomed by Kishor Nameet Kapoor, Anupam Kher and Barry Jones. When asked why three Guru, Harsh smiles and says, “Every acting course has short time period. When I joined acting academy first I was 18. I had time then and thought why not to learn more. Learning is lifetime process. It is always good to make nice use of your time and keep on learning.”

sahil-and-harshNow a day many big screen actors are seen on small screen. Why you are away? (Laughs) “I am a TV virgin. It is my conscious decision to stay away from small screen now.”harsh-and-ajaz