Laugh riot SANSHAYKALLOL to release on 5th April

Call it situational humor or a comedy of errors, but SANSHAYKALLOL is a thorough laugh riot. A story about two couples with trust issues dealing with the widening gap between reality and their perceptions.

Jaisinha (Ankush Chaudhary) a.k.a Sinha, a fashion photographer and his wife Asha (Gauri Nigudkar), a costume designer, own a studio in the same premises. Both, possessive by nature and ridden with doubts, track each other’s movements via cameras installed in the other’s room. While they do a balancing act between love and insecurity, another story begins to take shape. That of Dhananjay (Pushkar Shrotri) a.k.a Dhanu, a rich businessman, smitten by daily soap actor Shravani. He turns a co-producer of the serial where Shravani plays the lead, to increase proximity with her. His effort pays off when they fall in love and get committed.

But that’s just the beginning of a ride that takes funny, awkward and incomprehensible turns as the paths of all the four characters cross each other. A series of misinterpreted incidents sow the seeds of doubt and deceit, as Asha suspects her husband to have an extra marital affair with Shravani. A suspicion that arises when she spots Shravani at Jaisinha’s studio. While Asha sees her husband kissing Shravani – a twisted view due do a miscontrued angle on CCTV – in reality Shravani, is being nursed by Jaisinha after she faints in the midst of a photoshoot. If this is one side of the coin, the other is equally concocted. Jaisinha picks up loose clues and weaves an imaginary story in his head, doubting his wife’s character and believing that Dhanu and Asha are attracted to each other. What binds these two bizzare stories together is one ‘pendant’ that passes through several hands and tightens the nooze further every time. It develops into a complex permutation, where each one suspects the other of having an affair with the third person. What ensues is a series of humorous events that build the story brick by brick, but leaves the characters in a tizzy. With tempers rising and accusations flying high, their relationships are put through the litmus test. But the ongoing mess is just the tip of the iceberg. Add a few more characters that bring pace to the story and successfully manage to stir up a hornet’s nest and what you have is a perfect recipe for a rib-tickling narrative. Jaisinha, Asha, Dhanu and Shravani get lost in a self created maze. The peak of the story is when all characters end up in one location to prove their points and a thorough mix-up of identities raises several questions.

SANSHAYKALLOL manages to strike a perfect balance between all characters and tell a story from every perspective – all with a comic undertone. This film promises to tickle your funny bone and have you in splits.

Banner           – Shree Swami Samarth Pictures

Director         – Vishal Inamdar

Writer             – Vishal Inamdar, Rajesh Kolan, Vijay Patvardhan, Sanjay Mone

Lyrics             – Ashok Bagve, Vaibhav Joshi,

Music             – Kaushal Inamdar

Singer             – Avdhoot Gupte, Swapnil Bandodkar, Anandi Joshi, Nihira Joshi-Deshpande

Artist              – Ankush Chaudhari, Pushkar Kshotri, Gauri Nigudkar,

Mrunmayee Deshpande, Kshiti Jog, Reema Lagu, Sulekha Talvalkar,

Sanjay Khapre, Shrirang Deshmukh, Rajesh Kolan etc.