Kunal Singh and Sonam Lamba launches TRAG Investigations Pvt Ltd

In a glittering event at Mumbai, Sonam Lamba and Kunal Singh of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya fame  launched TRAG investigations for a safe and secure ecosystem around homes, families, office and businesses. With first of its kind client safety program based on ratings, TRAG can verify and authenticate everyone in touch with their clients to prevent any future mishaps. And all this at a very attractive price which enables common man to be sure of the background and moral of his house helps, business associates, friends and acquaintances.

LaunchSpeaking about the service Mahesh Gordhan Bhambwani, Director, TRAG Investigations said, “A first of its kind scoring system in the country which rates people on their financial stability, loyalty, education, social status which is going to change the way we select people around us. In a nutshell, an opinion or a review from qualified professionals at TRAG Investigations can help you judge people better, unveil their real face and foster better relationships.”

Kunal and Sonam at the launchWith 70% rise in Metro cities divorce rate, 53% rise in sexual crimes against children and rape rates increasing 6 times over last few years TRAG ratings has immense potential to make one’s life safe and secure in the coming years. Once everyone around the clients are TRAGGED most of the crimes can be prevented from happening as the individual will be fully aware that he can be easily tracked and punished.

Speaking on the launch, Kunal and Sonam said, “We in Television Industry hardly get any time to verify the antecedents of everyone who works for us so we thought it is good to go under the security net of TRAG with their unique rating system TRAG IT.”