Kokila wants to give a second thought

Everybody is very upset as Vikram is not coming to meet Kokila. Kokila’s family plans to go back to Parnala. Kokila tells her Bhabhi that she wants to give a second thought to Vikram. Daksha and Ranjan tell her that she had done the same thing with Vinay’s family also.

Kokila realizes her mistake and she apologizes to Kanta Kaki. Vinay asks Kokila to not to go to Parnala without knowing the truth about Vikram. Vinay is happy that Kanta Kaki has forgiven Kokila and now they have become friends. But Kaki feels that Kokila should have been Vinay’s life partner. At the same time, Kokila enters the house with her footprints in “kumkum.”

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