Omkar Das Manikpuri, Anusha Rizvi and Aamir Khan (photo courtesy:


Try google for Anusha Rizvi and you will get: 2,78,000 pages on the Web, 10,300 results for photographs and 37 results, including the coverage of latest controversy, in news!

That is definitely shockingly low result for a person who has directed Aamir Khan Production’s highly acclaimed PEEPLI LIVE that also happens to be India’s proud entry in the Oscar Awards, 2011.

Most of these results, as expected, speak about Aamir Khan, his Mister Perfectionist image, or about the film itself but not about the person who made the film possible. In photographs also, you’d hardly find the actual photographs of Anusha Rizvi as the image search result is dominated by the film, Aamir Khan and even his wife Kiran Rao!

Isn’t it shocking after she delivered an awesome film like PEEPLI LIVE?!

Anusha Rizvi

That’s it!

Even Wikipedia, the Internet’s most powerful open source encyclopedia has very less to offer about her. Wikipedia has these few lines on information about her: Anusha Rizvi (born 13 March 1978) is an Indian film director and Screenwriter. Her first directorial debut is PEEPLI LIVE. The movie won the Best First Film award at the Durban film festival. Career: Anusha Rizvi was a journalist before venturing into film direction. She approached Aamir Khan to make the film, he almost rejected the script, but finally made the film. PEEPLI LIVE is former journalist Anusha Rizvi’s debut film as director. It has been shortlisted in the Best Foreign Film category for Oscars 2011.

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