KHWAJA MERE KHWAJA final mixing completed

The final mixing of social family film KHWAJA MERE KHWAJA is completed at Audio Lab and soon the first print will be out from Film Lab. The film is produced under the banner of A Films and it is presented by Gayatri Developwell and Hari Om Dixit.

The film is produced by Aalima Ahmed, written-directed by Shree Gopal. The film stars Raza Murad, Sudhir Dalvi, Aruna Sangal, Kunal Singh, Vasundhara, Sameer Ali Khan, Saheba, Shaila Khan, Umashankar Mishra,  Sameer Singhal, Anil Jain and Arvind Tytler.

Lyrics by Sudhakar Sharma and Dilip Tahir, music by Nikhil and Dilip Tahir, cinematography by Sunil Wankhede, editing by Deepak Jaul, sound by Satish Pujara, choreography by Ravikishan Mishra, art by Dawood Sayyed Dawood and action by Mohammad Ali are the other major credits. Wasim Ahmed and Madhusudan Bhatt are the co-producers, Mazhar Qadari is the executive producer.