Karan Johar’s film EK MAIN AUR EKK TU was earlier titled SHORT TERM SHAADI

Though the producers are saying that it was done as they wanted a complete Hindi title there may be more to it than meets the eye.

It seems that Kareena’s engagement and possibly marriage would be around that period and it would have been socially incorrect move to have a film titled SHORT TERM SHAADI releasing during that period which stars Kareena in the lead role.

Even though the film is about a one night marriage and the title SHORT TERM SHAADI was an apt one for the film, it was changed to EK MAIN AUR EKK TU. It would have been an embarrassment for Kareena Kapoor if SHORT TERM SHAADI was the name of the film and would have released so close to her engagement/ marriage period.

EK MAI AUR EKK TU is about a fun filled night in which the boy and the girl get married only to realize in the morning the seriousness of it.

Kareena was not even consulted in this whole thing and the title of the film was changed from SHORT TERM SHAADI to EK MAI AUR EKK TU.

EK MAI AUR EKK TU directed by Shakun Batra, a valentine releases sees the youngest Khan pairing with Kareena Kapoor for the first time. EK MAI AUR EKK TU releases on Feb 10.