KAMAAL DHAMAAL MALAMAAL will make you really Malamaal

If you  would rather be called in for the cash-ringing register auditions for a movie than the casting auditions, you have probably come to the right place at the right time! Percept Pictures’ KAMAAL DHAMAAL MALAMAAL which is out to hit the screens on September 28th has been doing the rounds on the circuit with the right buzz, tours and promotions since quite a while now, and to add tempo to the finale as the days come closer, the ace director of the film Priyadarshan is out to excite you more than you could ever anticipate! Move over reality and quiz shows, the quickest way to earn the buck has just been announced on the big screen. If you fancy taking home a cool amount of Rs. 5 crores, all you need to do is guess the name of a character in the movie. Yes, no printing errors there, all needed out of you is the correct name of a character in the movie! The rustic comedy set in a quaint village, starring Nana Patekar, Om Puri, Paresh Rawal, Asrani, Shakti Kapoor, Shreyas and Madhhurima among others marvels the story of the individuals in a particular scenario till Nana Patekar comes along and changes everything for them! All you have to do to change your destiny, is simply guess the name of Nana Patekar’s character in the film! Yes life can be that uncomplicated too sometimes.

Did you just ask what’s in a name? Lots, if you didn’t conclude that by now!!