JHN Production’s Rom-Com LOVE POSSIBLE releasing on 6th January


Srishti Shetty (Srishti Sharma) is unemployed girl hailed from Mangalore who is early rising person came to Mumbai city. She is staying with her cousin Priya (Anisha Verma).

Priya basically very lazy is employed as personal secretary is working for two years now. Her theory is that the EFFICIENT LADY SECRETARY IS WHO MARRIES HER MALE BOSS AT THE EARLIEAST. So she has a mission of marrying boss.

Priya suggests Srishti to become secretary. Somehow Srishti is trying to understand the secretary’s work and responsibility from Priya. She makes up her mind to become personal secretary.

Gaurav Jaitly (Karan Mehra) is a young businessman handling a family business. His father was a bathroom dancer, died in bathroom while dancing. His mother also dies with the fear that Gurav following father’s footsteps may die in that fashion. He was forced to look after the business at this age, when he is enjoying his youth. Gaurav was basically mamma’s boy.

His friend Vinay (Rajveer Singh Arora) takes undue advantage of innocence of Gaurav. Every time Vinay visits Gaurav, he takes some financial help from Gaurav.

He is using Gaurav’s office for his enjoyment. While they are busy doing all activities, they don’t want to be disturb. So Vinay suggests Gaurav to hire one Personal Secretary, Gaurav likes the idea and subsequently Srishti gets a job as Personal Secretary of Mr. Gaurav.

Srishti in due course comes know that Vinay is taking undue advantage of Gaurav innocence. She turnout to be a shrewd secretary takes some actions so that Vinay do not exploit Gaurav anymore. Old friendship of Gaurav and Vinay comes to an end.

Gaurav realising the situation get close to Srishti ultimately turns to love relation. Now Gaurav is now in mood to marry Srishti. Meanwhile for some or the other reasons Priya resigns from her employment. Vinay is also interested to hire personal secretary. As Priya was available she gets the job.

Mean while Vinay comes to know that Srishti and Priya became secretaries just to marry their bosses. Now Vinay gets chance to come closer to Gaurav. He tries to brainwash Gaurav against Srishti and…


Karan Mehra

Srishti Sharma

Rajveer Singh Arora

Anisha Verma


Producer, Writer, Director : J H Nakra

Music : Afsar and Sajid

Lyrics : Atique  Allabadi

Editor : Sanjay Verma

D O P: Temana Hegde