Jaya Bhattacharya plays Kiran Bedi in the serial KOI TO HO ARDHNARISHWAR on DD

Kiran Bedi is India’s first and highest ranking woman officer who joined Indian Police Service in 1972 and had retired in 2007. Her experience and expertise include more than 35 years of tough, innovative and welfare policing. Further to it she is a sought after speaker on social, professional and leadership issues. She has always been a living example and the most admired woman amongst all Indians.

Producer Meena Paliwal and director Siddharth Nagar has recreated the character of Kiran Bedi on their successfully sitcom KOI TO HO ARDHNARISHWAR aired on Doordarshan from Monday to Friday at 2.30 in the afternoon. Jaya Bhattacharya plays Kiran Bedi in the serial with an authentic approach. She plays a rough-tough cop in the serial. Amrapali, Raju Kher, Farida Dadi and Amita Nangiya too are in the cast of this emotional family drama based on the famous Hindi litterateur Dr. Vishnu Prabhakar’s novel.

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