It was a challenging task shooting for the underground sequence in Ek Deewana Tha : Delnaaz

Once upon a time Sas Bahu dramas and scheming aunts ruled the roast but its thriller now that has taken its leap. For the whole generation that has grown up on the cunning sister in law slipping salt in the tea instead of sugar, watching these thrill-a-minute series on prime television is quite a shift.

With Ek Deewana Tha, (a thriller series on Sony Television) coming up with a lot of twist and turns, its upcoming track will get you stunned. The latest track showed Odhni urf Delnaaz buried underground by Rajan Bedi in an attempt to kill her. Rajan is seen placing a golf ball on Odhni’s head trying to get her out of his way to get Vyom and Sharanya back. The twist comes when Odhni tries to escape and runs towards the jungle to save her.

With this upcoming track having a lot of twist and turns and Odhni being buried underground Delnaaz shared some experiences and difficulties she had while shooting for this scene. She mentioned how helpful the entire unit was and how keeping in mind her claustrophobia and comfort Director Prateek Shah himself tried the scene first in order to maintain Delnaaz comfort and then gave her a thumbs up to go ahead with it, that is the sign of an amazing director isn’t it? That’s not all with Delnaaz being really hesitant about shooting this upcoming track Delnaaz’s real life support system Percy gave her a little surprise on sets.

Will Odhni be able to save herself and will she be successful in disclosing the hidden secrets of the house?

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