Inner soul of the character lies within you only : Padmanabh Bind

Talented, very energetic and handsome Padmanabh Bind is debuting as lead on silver screen with SHREE PARTNER, a film based on V. P. Kale’s famous novel ‘Partner’. He had won Zee Gaurav Award of Best Supporting Actor for the experimental play EK RIKAMI BAJU. He has done EK CUP CHAHA directed by Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukhthankar. GLAMGOLD met the pakka Scorpion dude what he says himself.

—Vipul K. Shah

GG) Tell us about your background.

PB) I am from Yavatmal. My dad Mr. Gajanan Bind was also an actor so acting is in my genes. As a child artist I acted in many plays and had won many awards.

GG) And your studies?

PB) I have done graduation and post graduation in dramatics from Lalit Kala Kendra aka Center of Performing Arts at Pune. Famous writer-actor and director Satish Alekar was HoD. I was trained under powerhouses like Aniruddh Khutwad, Rajiv Naik, Samar Nakhate, Pravin Bhole…All were my Gurus and LKK was my Gurukul.

GG) Then?

PB) I did experimental plays like Enigma, Ekmekat Ashya Gajlelya, Vijay Tendulkar’s Vairyachi Ratra and Shantata Court Chalu Aaahe, Mahesh Elkunchwara’s Wada Chirebandi and Raktpushpa, G. P. Deshpande’s Udhwast Dharamshala, Satish Alekar’s Mahapur…

GG) What about commercial plays?

PB) I did Damn It Anugore and Kon Mhanto Dhakka Dila.

GG) How did you get SHREE PARTNER?

PB) I gave audition, passed and was on board for the film.

GG) What preparations you did to get into the skin of the character?

PB) We did ten days workshop. We learned mannerism of the character etc.

GG) Have you read V. P. Kale’s novel ‘Partner’?

PB) Yes of course. I read it before and after the film went on floor. More than that I read the screenplay many times and concentrated on it.

GG) Which was the most difficult scene for you?

PB) There are two scenes but I will not tell you right now. You have to watch the film first.

GG) How was your experience working with director Sameer Surve?

PB) Great. This is my first film in lead and also Sameer’s first film as independent director. As you know he has assisted other directors before. So it did not take any time to match our wavelength. Sameer has done lots of groundwork, reading and all the detailing necessary for the film. So when shoot started he was having lots of inputs to give to the actors.

GG) Are there intimate scenes in the film?

PB) Yaa. Sameer has shot very aesthetically.

GG) How difficult were those scenes to act?

PB) I don’t think so. When your rapport is good with your co-actor and if you are thorough professional then to do intimate scene is not hard, not a big deal. I and Shweta Pagar became good friends after the workshop. So it was difficult for both of us.

GG) Did you chat with any married person about the subject?

PB) Well many of my friends are married so I know what happens, how problems occur, how they handle etc. Secondly I read a lot which definitely helps me as an actor.

GG) How difficult it was to play Shree?

PB) Not at all. I always concentrate on tiny sides while designing, understanding any character. If you catch, if you grab inner soul of the character nothing is difficult. Inner soul lies within you only. That I channelized becoming Shree.

GG) What about your real life ‘Partner’?

PB) I am single right now hey you all the beautiful gals.

GG) What next?

PB) Things are in pipeline but I can’t reveal now.