I’m learning and growing every day : Saurabh Roy

Saurabh Roy, Fondly known as the ‘Poster Boy’ in the industry as this popular face has reached in every house through numerous commercials. There is no brand whose ad he has not done. He was a finalist of Mr. Grasim India 2006. Also Films, Reality show, Fiction and what not. GlamGold meets the tall and fine-looking Allahabad boy. His next film, MY FRIEND’S DULHANIA, is releasing on 15 December 2017.

— Vipul K. Shah

GG) Tell us about your background.
SR) I am from Lucknow, brought up in Delhi. I did my graduation in fine arts. I got a creative mindset thereafter. After Mr. Grasim India, I shifted to Mumbai. But before getting in to acting I got myself trained from Barry Johns Acting Studio. I won Gold medal there. Then I did ‘Black Money’ directed by Mr. Raman R Dwivedi, Ajay Yadav’s Luv… Phir Kabhi, Khatron ke Khiladi Torchar, Amita Ka Amit.

GG) How did you get MY FRIEND’S DULHANIA?
SR) MFD is written and co-directed by my very close friend Prashmit. From the start he wanted me to play this role as he felt I am the finest person to justify it. I got a bad tendency of not saying no to my friends and I was on board.

GG) Tell us about your character.
SR) I am playing Sajad. I am the most established guy out of all 3 guys in the movie. In the movie I invite my friends for my marriage ceremony. But some twist crops up and what happens next, you’ll watch it on the silver screen.

GG) How much you relate to character?
SR) Somewhere I feel that Sajad is me. He believes in his friends and even I do. He always try to give best to his friends, help and guide them. In real life I also do the same.

GG) How was your experience of the film?
SR) Experience was overwhelming as all my real life friends are part of this film. So we had much fun during the shoot. The story is about three guys so you can understand the fun that three naughty guys can have.

GG) You have already done a film. What difference do you feel between one director and director duo film?
SR) I always follow my directors. Our debutant director Prashmit is new to this industry so I love the fire he got towards his work. It is always fun to work with new guys because you get a chance to learn new things and you also feel an upper hand working with debutante director FTW…Lol.

GG) What difference do you feel between small and big screen?
SR) Small screen is not a challenge. Big screen is always a challenge as people look forward to a lot from you. When you are on TV you got a strong supporting cast to maintain the balance but on big screen everything depends on your performance.

GG) What next?
SR) (smiles) yaa next is bigger but I can not reveal it.

GG) What will you say about your journey?
SR) My voyage till today has been very beautiful and will continue for a long. For me, every day is a new day. I’m learning and growing every day.