Ilaiyaraja wants to dub at Nysa studio in Mumbai

Ilaiyaraja,   the Mozart of Madras – arrived quietly in Mumbai from Chennai on Tuesday with 30 of his musicians to record additional music for Bhavna Talwar’s Pankaj Kapur-starrer Happi. 
    Four woodwind players had been specially flown in from Budapest to join Ilaiyaraja’s orchestra which had congregated for this recording at the Nysa recording studios in Andheri. 
    The composer made it very clear to the film’s producer and director that he wished for no distraction, so it took some convincing before he agreed to talk about his rare visit to Mumbai. 
    “The requirements were such that I had to be in Mumbai for this recording. The producers have made sure that the musicians I require are here. Otherwise why should I leave my studio in Chennai for the recording? Those who want me will come there.” 
    Ilaiyaraja has been recording the music for Happi for the past one year. Vital portions of the music were composed and recorded in Budapest and the last bits were done in Mumbai with musicians from Chennai and Budapest. 
    Ilaiyaraja intends to slip out of Mumbai in a couple of days as quietly as he arrived.

Ilaiyaraja loved the ambience ,mand the facilities at Nysa  Recording studio and has conveyed his wish to use this studio for his future ventures in Mumbai.