For those who want super luxury jewellery then the collection by Bina Goenka at the India International Jewellery Week will definitely appeal to their aesthetic tastes. Going for extreme invention, technology, beauty and artistic creativity; Bina Goenka’s jewellery was aimed at the high end market. Intricately crafted styles, some unusual concepts were combined with harmonious shapes; and the collection was a line of jewels that mesmerized the audience with the custom-made bespoke touch.

Titled “Tribute to Gaia” the first Greek goddess the show was a visual fantasy of Grecian glamour. Presenting the journey of the diamond from its raw coal stage; the show opened with a giant coal dragged onto the stage by eight sturdy coalminers who drilled away to reveal a tall statuesque bronze beauty who strolled down showering tinsel on the ramp.

Inspired by the symphony of nature the magnificent necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets  were moulded and crafted with rubies, emeralds, tanzanites and sapphires to create trees, branches, flowers, leaves, animals, birds etc. into beautiful jewellery.

Giving gold a colour palette of ochre, olive, green, red and brown Bina’s jewellery had a stately and grand image as barefoot models slowly moved down the catwalk.

Clad in black outfits to resemble the dark deep coal mines, the jewellery glittered as diamond and emerald collars with chains of beads, large pendants, draped lacey diamond neckpieces, curls of gold clusters for the neck, shining spheres on gleaming chokers and diamond chains speckled with flowers dazzled the audience. Small dainty clutches were teamed with rows of pearls for the neck and Greek goddess like chokers with emerald danglers were stunning.

The grand show stopper was a masterpiece titled Gaia a diamond necklace that travelled from the neck to the navel and spread over the shoulders in all its fabulous splendour.

As tinsel from the ceiling of the Grand Hyatt Hotel Ballroom rained down on the ramp; Bina emerged to a thunderous standing ovation from the audience.

When it comes to bespoke designing for the fastidious customer, then Bina Goenka can deliver the best jewellery one can imagine.

There could not have been a more spectacular and grand end to Asia’s first jewellery show – the India International Jewellery Week – organized by the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council.