When an artist turns to jewellery designing, the result is a striking blend of colour and craft. Yogendra Sethi of Intergem Exports, a contemporary impressionist is the brilliant designer of the Intergem Exports “Colors” collection under the YS 18 brand for over two decade.

From 18 K white and yellow gold gleaming with sparkling white diamonds to exotic coloured and precious gems, the Intergem Exports collection at the India International Jewellery Week was a unique presentation.

Showing the brand’s Art Deco designs marked as YS 18 which reflected the mix of contemporary and antique jewellery for floral motifs encrusted with rose cut diamonds, fine slices, old mine cuts and diamond briolette, the jewels were a beautiful sight to behold.

Using the rarest of gems, the faceted brilliant cut coloured diamonds in round and fancy shapes that revolved primarily around florals were set in the Basel, pave? or prong settings.

Opening the show with a modern version of the Christmas tree pendant and earrings in coloured diamonds which are the most expensive of gems; the collection moved to clusters of flowers for pendants and oval earrings. The slices of gems all hand cut made a magnificent pendant, while a giant marigold brooch in natural diamonds, a daisy design on a cord and a huge floral pendant on a black faux fur collar were some of the beauties of the show.

Petalled necklace centers and medallions on fine thin chains and the heavy diamond collar with floral edges revealed Yogendra Sethi’s mastery over the use of these precious stones.

The black and white line of satin gowns created by the designing duo, Asif Shaikh and Sujeda Virji were the perfect fashion complement to the gorgeous jewellery.

Artist and jewellery designer, Yogendra Sethi of Intergem Exports presented an amazing line that was not only a visual treat but also a feast for the senses.