IIJW 2011 DAY 4—SURANA GEMS AND JEWELLERY presented a glittering journey through the world of diamonds and gold at the INDIA INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY WEEK 2011

Over a century ago when Moolchandji Surana started Surana Gems and Jewellery he launched the process of creating diamond jewellery.

Presenting a breathtaking collection at the India International Jewellery Week 2011, the expertise of the brilliant craftsmanship of Bengal was visible on the ramp as the exclusive range of bridal jewellery twinkled in all its beauty.

The collection presented, reflected the contemporary touches of the brains behind the designs headed by Chandra Kumar Surana and led by Niraj and Rahul Surana.

Opening the show with collections of traditional and contemporary bridal sets, the company presented a line of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and gold which sparkled on the shoulders of the models in their faceted beauty.

Delicate gold diamond sets, armlets, bracelets, rings, Rani Haars, Kaan Phools, lacy flat collars, curved U shaped diamond emerald pieces and the five prong creations with emerald tips were visions of beauty. The second part of the show featured the uneven sparks of diamond bursts with ruby edges, followed by a stunning necklace with overlapping circles.

The show stopper of the evening was the very sprightly TV anchor and model, Pooja Mishra in a white gown wearing the most delicately crafted gold necklace splashed with rubies and teamed with earrings, rings and hair ornaments.

The gorgeous heavily embroidered sindoor coloured saris and ornate lehengas sets with tiny velvet cholis, were created by Jashn and were perfectly designed to match the brilliant jewellery collection.

When the bride of the 21st century wants to combine the glory of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs, then the Surana Gems and Jewellery collection for 2011 will give her the many options for that memorable day in her life.