IIJW 2011 DAY 4—ALPANA GUJRAL’s enchanted garden of contemporary designs dazzled the audience at the INDIA INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY WEEK 2011

Presenting a creative blend of the traditional designs with contemporary touches, the collection by Alpana Gujral was a riot of colours on the ramp at the India International Jewellery Week 2011. Bringing the beauty of Rajasthan jewellery with the colourful minakari work, Alpana combined it with gems, precious metals and enamel pigments.

Working around the theme of the Enchanted Garden and the Mughal vision of Paradise on Earth, the flowers, trees and colours played a melodious tune for the jewellery using glittering rubies, emeralds and sapphires. The ornaments ranged from earrings, cuffs, bracelets, to necklaces and rings which were hand crafted and the labour of love often took four to six months for each piece to be created.

From floral motifs to minakari, the collection was a breathtaking line of extreme designs. Tassel ends on medallion pendants of floral design hanging from pearl strands matched the fringed pearl earrings.

Large onyx in varying cuts was attached to gleaming gold. Traditional pendants hung from ropes of pearls and rubies and a mix of topaz, pearls, and precious stones came together in an abstract riveting design. Fish shaped jades were the centre with uby pendants, while double floral medallions swung from pearl onyx chains. Uncut jades and jadeites with floral engraving and fine rubalite beads with asymmetric diamond circles were innovative. Tiny Basra pearl pave was studded with rubies and abstract large jade pieces set in gold ended in geometric long shapes for necklace, bracelet and ring.

To bring in a hint of tradition Alpana had wide minakari bangles in white, black and maroon along with a solitary Maang Tikka.

For the grand end it was the evergreen model and talented Firoze Gujral wearing a glittering lehenga/choli who displayed a rich traditional pearls, kundan, rubies and emerald, necklace teamed with armlet, earrings, bangles and rings.

The all black collection of saris, gowns and pleated smocks were the ideal creations of Ritu Ghosh for the jewellery.

For jewellery which will turn into conversation pieces anywhere in the world The Enchanted Garden collection will evoke endless debates.