IIJW 2011 DAY 2—ROSILY PAUL opened day two of the INDIA INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY WEEK 2011 with a stunning creative presentation

Winner of 16 prestigious national and international awards, the name Rosily Paul Vadakkel has been renowned since 2004. Opening Day Two with a beautiful crafted jewellery collection at the India International Jewellery Week 2011, Rosily Paul proved her expertise in design while working around the rainbow colours of nature, flowers, trees, leaves, in shade of peacock blue and green.

Rosily wove these inspirations cleverly into gems, enamels and beads to give her ornaments an unconventional touch as she creatively blended hues with fabrics, leather, and added the glitter of diamonds and gold. Using the fragile and delicate jali work to give an elegant look to her collection, Rosily gave the ornaments her distinct touches.

Titled “Reflection of Colours” Rosily showed a variety of necklaces starting with the lovely line of satin ribbons and interesting starburst, paisley, and jali circular pendants with gold diamonds and precious stones.

Stunners of the show were the five strands of pearls with three black beaded tassels draped over the left shoulder, the white gold slim necklaces, the looped pendants, the lovely neckpiece of precious gems with flowering blossoms cascading down the front and the tiny diamond musical treble note pendant.

Adding an innovative touch Rosily had an interesting zig zag trellis gold and stones square necklace while fabric was used cleverly as the background for a floral set in shades of lilac. The stylishly tied organza scarf with an imposing long pendant on one side was a flamboyant offering but the gold beaded necklace with dual draped flowers created an unconventional jewellery concept.

As the collection was predominantly formal evening western jewellery the fabulous gowns in black by top designer Kanwaljit Singh assisted by the designers of Istituti Callegari were the perfect line.

Style, colour, innovations and touches of vibrant designs came together for a lovely feminine jewellery collection by Rosily Paul.