I will not smooch on screen ever : Rajniesh Duggal

Grassim Mr. India, Mr. Talent, Kingfisher model of the year titles and more than 600 ramp shows, lots of advertisements to his credit Rajniesh Duggal impressed with his debut in ‘1920’. He is totally vegetarian. His next DANGEROUS ISHQ directed by Vikram Bhatt is ready to hit the floors on 11th may. He is the leading man opposite Karishma Kapoor in the film. GLAMGOLD met the cool guy at his home where we talked about his film and other things with chilled coffee.

—Vipul K. Shah

GG) Were you aware that Karishma Kapoor will be your co-star in DANGEROUS ISHQ?

RD) No, Vikram told me to do this film. It was scheduled for 100 days. The script was narrated for 4 hours. The story has many layers and shades so I took some time to understand the story. It appealed me and I was ready to do it. Then Vikram told me that Karishma will do this film.

GG) What was your reaction?

RD) I was excited. I am her fan from my childhood. I have seen most of her films. Shakti, Fiza, Biwi No. 1, Zubeida, Dil Toh Pagal Hai…

GG) What was your experience working with her?

RD) Fantastic. She is very down to earth. She has never shown her stardom. We were discussing the scenes and rehearsing together. She is an excellent co-star.

GG) You were injured at Jodhpur shoot.

RD) It was a raw fight scene between me and Arya Babbar. We had to fight without any stick or gun. Dashing on wall, pushing on table… all this was to be shot in one take. While doing such scenes, you don’t realize your injuries. In the evening when I returned hotel, I saw wounds on my body. My shoulder was scratched. The scars are still on my shoulder.

GG) Have you ever tried to know about reincarnation?

RD) Never, I don’t want to know about it. To keep on moving is life what I believe. Today’s deeds will get rewards tomorrow.

GG)  Do you believe in reincarnation or astrology?

RD) No. I don’t believe in such things. My brother-in-law from Bangalore has some knowledge about it. He told me that I was Gujarati in my previous birth and lived in Kutch, near Bhuj. He also gave me the address and told to go there and enquire but I did not take it seriously.

GG) How did you prepare for DANGEROUS ISHQ?

RD) There are four different periods depicted in this film. For partition period I learnt Urdu and discussed that period with my grandpa’s friends as my character is from Lahore. For schedule of Jodhpur –Rajasthan, I observed the local people, their expressions, way of talking, their clothe, etc. My driver was a local resident, I practiced talking in Marwadi with him.

GG) Tell us something about your characters.

RD) I play Rohan Thakral, son if a businessman. Ali, a soldier in Aurangzeb’s period.  Iqbal in partition period and Rajdatta of Rajasthan.

GG) You always keep your lucky coin with you…

RD) Yes, it is Maa Vaishnodevi’s blessings for me. I always keep it in my wallet.

GG) Have ever experienced Déjà vu?

RD) Yes, I get Déjà vu feel once a week. Many times I feel I have witnessed this moments in past. Interestingly during DANGEROUS ISHQ shoot for partition period I felt I have lived Iqbaal before.

GG) You have done three films with Vikram…

RD) We share good bonding. I feel comfortable working with Vikram.

GG) ‘1920, Phirr, and Dangerous Ishq’. Don’t you think you are getting trapped in a specific genre?

RD) It is not that I am not trying for other subjects or genres. ‘Be Careful’ was a comedy. I am reading other scripts and will let you know about it soon.

GG) ‘Be careful’ was a super flop.

RD) Yes I realized it was my mistake to accept that film. That is why I was not part of promotional events.

GG) You have also done Tamil film ‘Kattu Puli’.

RD) Actually the film is made in three languages Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Tamil version released in February and other two will release very soon.

GG) Did you face any difficulties with southern language?

RD) Not much, we had a language expert with us. I felt Telugu easier than Tamil.

GG) Now a day actors don’t hesitate to go for nude scenes. Will you accept such offer?

RD) Why not? An actor should be ready to do anything to justify his character. If script demands, I don’t mind for nude scenes.

GG) Will you accept offer for gay character?

RD) Yaa if the film is like ‘Brokeback Mountain’.

GG) What is difficult for you on screen?

RD) To kiss. I will not smooch on screen ever. I think it is very personal.

GG) It is said that good models are not good actors.

RD) I don’t agree. Acting is an art. Either you are a model or from any profession, acting skills with hard work definitely pays. It also depends on the director, what kind of performance he can get from an actor. Importantly while performing, you should be completely dedicated to your scene and character.

GG) One thing that your fans do not know about you…

RD) I am writing a book ‘Riding Horse’. It’s about Mumbai.  Many people come to Mumbai with dreams in their eyes. But because of one or the other reasons they leave it. Secondly people always bat on winning horse. Log hameshaa ugte suraj ko hi pujate hai.

GG) Now a day many actors are starting their production houses.

RD) I also wish to do so. But right now I want to focus on acting. I would like to direct a film. It is sure I will have my production house in this decade.