I literary cried sitting in my car : Sharad Malhotra

People still know him, recognize him as Sagar. He got tremendous love from people. Sharad Malhotra, cool, charming and hottie guy is now ready to storm silver screen with FROM SYDNEY WITH LOVE releasing on 31 August. He is confident that Rohit will get as much love as Sagar got. GLAMGOLD met the chocolate dude over a sip of ‘Mochachilo’, coffee with chocolate. All you fans here is your favorite Sharadddd…

—Vipul K. Shah

GG) Why a gap of three years?

SM) After the show ‘Dulhan…’ I was getting many offers but I decided to take a break. I went to New York Film Academy for acting course. I also did few short films with Universal Studios.

GG) Why did you need to do n acting course when you are already a talented actor?

SM) See learning in life never stops. So it is good that you keep on learning everyday. You grow with it. I still wanna learn many things.

GG) How did you get FSWL?

SM) My friend Krishna who is fashion designer introduced me to casting director Kunal Moitra. He narrated me the story and characters. I gave audition for male characters. After two weeks I got a call from production house saying I was on.

GG) After a gap of three years…how did you feel?

SM) When I signed the film, I came down, sat in the car and literary cried. You can understand how happy moment that was for me. Woh khushi ke aansu the…

GG) Tell us about your character.

SM) I am playing a student Rohit Khurana, Punjabi dude from Delhi. He is romantic, fun loving, positive, focused and most importantly believing in ‘Love At First Sight’.

GG) And story?

SM) FSWL is journey of five friends studying at University of New South Wales, Sydney. Megha, a girl with middle class background from India comes to the UNSW to pursue her Masters degree. Rohit and his one friend start liking her and…There is a twist before interval. The color of the story changes, from west to east…You watch it on the big screen.

GG) How much you relate to Rohit Khurana?

SM) Well its me eighty percent. To play Rohit I just have to make little change in body language.

GG) After Sagar now Rohit…

SM) I am confident ‘Log Rohit ko bhi utna hi pyaar denge jitna Sagar ko diya’.

GG) How was your experience working with a debutant director?

SM) Nice. He comes from filmy background. His home banner Chakravarty Films have earlier given jubilee hits. His vision is very clear as a director.

GG) Prateek is also there in the film…

SM) He is a wonderful actor too. In fact I will give more marks to him for acting.

GG) Premiere of the film held at Sydney…

SM) It was great. For the first time it happened in Bollywood that any film is premiered at University of New South Wales. We got overwhelming response from the audience.

GG) What difference do you feel between film and TV?

SM) Not much. TV is more difficult.

GG) Still you are open to TV?

SM) Yes of course. TV has given me a lot. I would love to host a show.