I have a funda in my life : Reena Agarwal

Reena Agarwal is multi facetate talent, an actress, choreographer, dancer, Zumba fitness trainer and what not. She has conquered Marathi and Hindi both medium whether it is film, TV, theatre or ad world. Reena work was appreciated in Marathi film ‘Ajintha’, play ‘Mazi Bayko Mazi Mehuni’, Hindi film ‘Talaash’, Hindi Musical by Anoop Jalota ‘Krishnapriya’. In her next BEHEN HOGI TERI she will be seen as girl next door. The beautiful actress talks with GlamGold about the film.

— Zalak Shah

GG) How has your journey been from Jet Airways to films and acting?

RA) (giggles) Uhmm see I have a funda in my life. I think whenever I grow old and look behind, I want to be satisfied that I did everything that I wanted to. I don’t want to regret ever in my life that I should have done this and that at a particular point in my life. I wanted to become an airhostess because I think every girl at least once in her childhood has this fantasy of becoming an air hostess. So I wanted to become one, I became one. And acting is my passion and now I’m taking it up seriously as a career, so I’m enjoying it and the journey has been really good, thanks to god, everything is good. The roles that I have done are good, and I hope do to the same thing in the future.

GG) How different was your experience while shooting for a Bollywood movie and for a Marathi movie?

RA) See Marathi movies are regional movies so there are a lot of things which are different. Bollywood movie is all about larger than life things. Everything is very different on Bollywood platform. Even though we say that only language differs, but more than that, everything is different because national audience watches when you do a Bollywood movie whereas when you do a regional film, the audience is very limited. But I think whatever work I’ve done till now in Marathi movies, it’s all very rural and earthy roles that I’ve done. The roles in Bollywood here are very normal and this role of mine in BEHEN HOGI TERI is very much like the normal day-to-day kind of me role, as in how I am in real life. So this is the major difference and I enjoy doing both of it.

GG) Tell us a little about your character in BEHEN HOGI TERI.

RA) Basically it is a very interesting character, very funny and very innocent. I’m sure people will like the character because it’s very different and unique.

GG) What was your experience to shoot on the sets with Rajkumar Rao and Shruti Hassan?

RA) This is my second film with Rajkumar. I’ve done Talaash with him and I know him since then. He is an amazing actor, amazing human being and I would definitely mention this that he is one actor that would wait after pack up to give cues to every artist, so that is something that shows how genuine he is and how good he is as a person. Even if it is 2 a.m. in the morning, in Lucknow’s cold weather, after his pack up, he used to wait back to give cues to me. And with Shruti, ohh she is a darling, she is very beautiful and gorgeous and it was lovely working with her.

GG) Were there any pranks or mischief on the sets?

RA) Lots of fun. Basically during the shoot, there was one scene where I have to feed laddoos to an actor. So for that, we did about 11 retakes or so and I was feeding laddoos to that guy every take. So after a point I was feeling bad, that guy was on diet and he had to eat 11 laddoos for that scene. So after a point he was like I can’t eat, I’ll throw up and all but still we had to feed him for the scene, so 11 laddoos I have fed to that guy.

GG) What are the similarities and differences in your role in BEHEN HOGI TERI and yourself?

RA) Similarity wise I’m exactly what you’ll see me on the screen, emotion wise and all whatever you see, it’s me. Talking about differences I think that major difference is that I’m too much into salwar-kameez and Indian traditional outfits in BEHEN HOGI TERI, whereas in my normal day-to-day life I don’t wear salwar-kameez and Indian traditional outfits unless it’s an event like that or a family function or I’m going to the temple. So the December and January months that I’ve shot for BEHEN HOGI TERI is the maximum amount of salwar-kameez I’ve worn ever. So that is the look you’ll see on screen of my character.

GG) What was your most favourite part of the shoot of BEHEN HOGI TERI?

RA) The most favourite part was shooting of the “Jai Maa” song. I had enjoyed thoroughly, I have danced like anything in that song. I mean whatever you’re watching on the screen, it’s not me acting, it’s me. I danced from my heart. Even though we had dancers in such good numbers, I could not sit, so I was jumping here and there, dancing a lot, basically I was enjoying to its fullest. I had the most fun. In fact we had shot that song the entire night in open air in zero degrees in Lucknow’s chilly weather, but because I loved that song so much and enjoyed so much, I did not even realize it was so chilly outside and that we were shooting in zero degrees. Nothing like that. I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot. It was definitely my most favourite moment.

GG) You’ve worked with Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Rao, both of them are Mr. Perfectionists, how was it working with both of them?

RA) Fortunately for me, whatever work I’ve done, I’ve done it with good artists and it’s always a learning experience with them. When you say perfectionists, Aamir is a perfectionist. I’ve learnt how to give perfection in expressions on the screen from Aamir Khan and with Rajkumar obviously I’ve learnt a lot of acting skills from him, lot of things from behind the camera that I’ve learnt from him. It’s like a blessing of god that I’ve worked with such good co-actors. Got a lot of things to learn from them. It’s been a good learning experience for me.

GG) What would you say you like better acting or dancing, since you’re an professional dancer?

RA) You’re asking me your right hand is better or your left hand is better. (laughs) For me, both are equal but obviously dancing is my first love but honestly speaking you cannot discriminate whether heart is better or brain is better, so it’s like that, its heart and brain for me.

GG) What are your plans ahead?

RA) I’m doing a Marathi film DEV DEVARAT NAAHI with Vikram Gokhale and Suhasini Mulay. I’m shooting currently for the same. As I said I’m fortunate to work with such great co-stars, legends, I’m really looking forward to that. And obviously looking forward for the release of BEHEN HOGI TERI on 2nd

GG) Tell us one role you’d like to do in the future.

RA) Mastani because I loved Deepika Padukone in the film Bajirao Mastani. If at all the film gets made again, I would love to do Mastani’s character. I just loved that character, the way she has done it, it’s fabulous.