I get a lot of compliments for my look now- Shardul Pandit

Actor Shardul Pandit is currently portraying the male lead in Kuldeepak and also has a very stylish look in the show. Since Bandini, Shardul’s on and off screen persona has changed a lot. Speaking on his changing look Shardul says,”When I stepped in the industry I only concentrated on acting and became 62 kgs from 110 kgs for my role in Bandini.  During that time I also shot without make up. I got rave reviews but then I understood on television only acting can’t take you far unlike films. So I started working on it. The role I play in Kuldeepak is of a dapper, suave and classy Collector. Hence I worked on my hairstyle and beard. I wish we could change our looks based on our characters but on television no matter what you play you have to look good. Jo dikhta hai vo bikta hai.”

Speaking about the good looks and physique Shardul says, “I give it as much importance as an actor should give, am not one of those obsessed actors who are fussy about their looks all the time. In between shots I rely on my camera man and director to point it out if I need a touch up. I can’t look in the mirror constantly, I would rather act. Hair, makeup and clothes are very important factors on television.” For his look in Kuldeepak, Shardul has got great feedback. He adds, “I get a lot of compliments for my look now, specially the smile, hair and styling. I had to break the perception that I can’t be a leading man. People thought I can only play an younger brother to the hero. So all thanks to the look we have created for Devang that he is a romantic, yet a strong leading man. I always get to hear I look very young on screen. Honestly I am happy no complaints.”

What kind of clothes you wear branded or semi branded? “I am happy at times one will see me in Zara and Massimo Dutti and at times I will be in ganji and harem pants. Totally depends on my mood. However I don’t like to dress up like a Christmas tree.” Shardul feels the most handsome actor on television is Ronit Roy. As he adds, “I think Ronit Roy is still the most handsome guy we have on television, look at him even at this age he can give tough competition to other leading men. I also admire the way Karan Tacker and Karan Wahi carry themselves. They are very stylish and cool.”