I felt that I can explore myself by playing Naarad : Abraam

Abraam who was seen in shows like Sadda Haq 2, Shapath, Badi Door Se Aaye Hai, Khidki, is now playing Naarad in Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot. When GlamGold met the handsome actor, he said about the experience with a smile sweet like him!
Audiences have seen Naarad in many shows, so what is special about the one you play? Says Abraam, “See I agree that the character of Naarad is played by many actors before and everybody has done their best. But the one I play is different as he is matured guy speaking in today’s youth language. This is the first Naarad who speaks in English too.”
“To play Naarad is not challenging. My producer, writers were sure about me that I would definitely do justice to this character as an actor and this is big thing. Secondly, to add a different flavour, Aatish Kapadiya gave an idea of making Naarad to speak in English. When the role was offered to me I was very happy as it gives me that sense to do that where I can explore my acting and myself as well. Actually, the speciallity of Naarad is you can portray every emotion, which we say as ‘Nav Ras’. There are the variations in the character of Naarad and I felt that I can explore myself.”
When asked what the biggest problem in playing Naarad is, Abraam says, “Narayan Narayan. Carrying the wig is biggest challenge. You cannot sit in a proper position. You have to hold the wig whole day for shoot. It’s like being Naarad is the most difficult job but playing Naarad is the most funny and entertaining also. I enjoy it thoroughly and special thanks to my director Nitin Patil.”
While playing religious or historical character, actors have fear to get typecast. But Abraam is fearless and confident about it. “See even I had little fear, but I did not worry about it because people had seen me in my previous shows. I trust my audience and I never can be typecast. I am a versatile actor,” said the actor.
Last but not least, Abraam shares the experience with the fans, of course with a huge smile, “My fans are pouring in so much love. Few days back I was at a party with my friends. Suddenly girls came to meet, to talk with me. It is a different feeling, especially when girls say we love your acting. “Really?” I asked them “Are you liking Naarad?” And their reply was “We like you, the most handsome Naarad we have ever seen”. Narayan Narayan.”