I don’t have a single entrepreneur bone in my body : Sanjay Gadhvi

After a gap of four years director Sanjay Gadhvi is back with a rom-com AJAB GAZABB LOVE. His last film KIDNAP sank. So definitely this time pressure is more. GLAMGOLD met the Dhoom director in Vashu Bhagnani’s office. Sanjay talked about his previous experiences and the latest venture.

—Vipul K. Shah

GG) Why did you leave YRF?

SG) I completed three films contract with YRF. Then one has to decide whether to be in or out. I wanted to see the world outside. You have to break away to do something in life. If Yashji had not left BR camp then YRF would not had happened. Aditya is a dear friend and I got apart with his blessings.

GG) Why you do not become a producer?

SG) I don’t have a single entrepreneur bone in my body. So I do not think of becoming a producer.

GG) You like to make films belonging to different genres.

SG) You can say that because my filmography is very rare. I made my debut with a film based on rock music long before Farhan Akhtar came up with his own film ROCK ON. Then I set out to make a film called MERE YAAR KI SHAADI HAI on the scale of DILWALE DULHANIYA LE JAYENGE and a full blown action film like DHOOM.

GG) You have never made any comedy till date!

SG) My friends in the film industry like Minissha Lamba, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai used to always tell me that I should do a comedy but it has been a conscious effort on my part not to make a comedy. I always feel that comedy isn’t an easy genre. It isn’t an easy job. I had trained under Anant Balani on how to take the performance from my actors, before I bagged my debut film TERE LIYE, which was a youthful romantic film.

GG) Tell us about AJAB GAZABB LOVE?

SG) AGL is a full on romantic comedy starring Jackky Bhagnani and Nidhi Subbaiah. It is based on the relationship between a rich boy and a girl who wants to marry poor boy. It is a comedy with a lot of twists and turns like a thriller.

GG) Is AGL remake of any South Indian film?

SG) Yes it is a remake of a Telugu film called SEEMA TAPAKAI. It means Urban Firecracker. I liked the Hindi film has shaped and saw it three times. Mayur Puri has written the Hindi adaptation of the film. Since we felt that the sensibilities are different, we made it a point to make a frame to frame Hindi remake. Initially we thought of Delhi but then we chose to give it a contemporary Mumbai feel to the films, because we opted for Indianisation. Since the sensibilities between the South and the North are different, we decided not to make it a frame to frame copy.

GG) How did you bag the assignment to direct the film?

SG) I always go purely by the story. In fact, I had even suggested some minor changes. We do not know whether WANTED and ROWDY RATHORE clicked because of the stars like Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar respectively, or since the film was a remake, but when I suggested some   changes, immediately Vashu Bhagnani told me that I should direct the film.

GG) Why did you sign on a new face like Nidhi Subbaiah?

SG) There are two reasons. First we wanted to make the film in a short period of time, in just two and a half months flat. Secondly, the original Telugu film was also made with new faces. On the first day of the shooting of the film itself, we had announced the date of release of the film. And yes Nidhi has worked down south.

GG) Are you choosy about making the films?

SG) I have made just 6 films till date. As a director, you should know where to draw the line. After DHOOM 2, I did not set out to make as many as 25 films because I have always believed that a director should always make only one film at a time. A film is like a wife and you cannot have two wives at the same time.

GG) Why do you think KIDNAP did not click at the box office?

SG) I confess that KIDNAP was a half hearted attempt on my part after DHOOM 2. I wish I had made a film like AJAB GAZABB LOVE at that time after I made DHOOM 2 instead of setting out to make a KIDNAP. Today when I look back at my career, I have an allergy to the word kidnap.

GG) Do you feel pressure of DHOOM?

SG) Once you make film like DHOOM definitely there will be pressure on you. I feel proud for DHOOM. It is a landmark film which brought changes in Bollywood film regarding cloths, action etc. I realized power of DHOOM when KIDNAP released. People told me how I can make such a film after DHOOM. So the pressure of DHOOM will always be there.

GG) How crucial will be the success of AGL to you as a filmmaker?

SG) Frankly, I would say that the box office success of AJAB GAZABB LOVE will be more crucial to me than the success of all my other films. The reason is that though 30 to 40 films have been made by Yashraj Films and there have been only three all time greats- DHOOM, DHOOM 2 and CHAK DE INDIA, which have had zero influence by YRF, a lot of producers felt that I did not direct DHOOM and DHOOM 2 and did not want to work with me at all.