I believe in doing those things which others don’t do : Rohit Khurana

After doing three Telugu films and July 2012 released Tamil film BILLA 2, Rohit Khurana aka UTTARAN fame Vansh will be making debut in Punjabi film industry with DIL TAINU KARDA AE PYAAR directed by Ajay K. Pannalal. He got popular playing a negative character that shows his scale and hard work. GLAMGOLD met Rohit on the eve of his Punjabi film’s release. So all you gals and crazy fans here is the hottie.

—Vipul K. Shah

GG) You are very choosy about your projects…

RK) After UTTARAN I was showered with offers but I did not feel to accept. I believe in doing those things which others don’t do. For UTTARAN I chose to play Vansh though channel wanted me to play Veer. Vansh was challenge to not look good.

GG) What efforts you put to get into the skin of the character?

RK) See I am not an actor who does rehearsals. Whenever I read script I understand the emotions. What is the scene, what are the emotions, where I can play etc.

GG) Which was the toughest scene in UTTARAN?

RK) Toughest scene was of 23 pages. It had emotions like frustration, anger, crying etc. It took three days to shoot the scene.


RK) It is story of three people from different background. Only one thing is common that is love. One is in search of love, second falls in love and the third loses love. How their life connects is the story.

GG) Tell us about your character.

RK) I am playing young angry cop Daljit who falls in love with Nikki played by Neetu Singh. And in the process he begins to trust Baljit as a friend not knowing about his plans and…DTKAP is a film truly about the heart, made by the heart, for the heart.

GG) You wore turban in the film…

RK) I had both the options to wear the turban or not. I have always inclined towards seeing me in turban so chose to wear.

GG) Did you face any language problem?

RK) Not at all. I am from north and a Punjabi munda. So it was much easier for me as compared to my films down south.

GG) What difference do you feel between Punjabi and South film industry?

RK) In down south they are very professional, very punctual. Punjabi film industry people are professional but little lenient.

GG) What is your take on change in Punjabi film industry?

RK) The industry is growing. It has very good overseas market. Punjabis staying abroad always want to see their culture what they have left. Few years back shooting was happening in rural areas but now Punjabi films have been shot in Metro cities and also foreign locations.

GG) You are doing a serial by Shashi-Sumit Mittal…

RK) Yes. The shoot will start by year end. I am playing positive role for the first time. I can’t comment more right now.

GG) What next?

GG) I will be doing a Punjabi film with Jimmy Shergil. It will go on floor January next year.