I always write story keeping cast in mind : Sandeep Manohar Naware

Sandeep Manohar Naware is multi talented personality. He has written story, screenplay and dialogues for five films which he also directed. He has won government awards and Zee awards. Now he has come with his next venture PAKDA PAKDI written and directed by him. He is extremely happy and excited as the film is releasing next day of his birthday. GlamGold met the director for tete-a-tete.

Vipul K. Shah

GG) How did PAKDA PAKDI happened?

SN) I have written the story two years back. Harishkumar is my friend. I narrated the story to him and he liked it very much. So he founded Venture Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd. and decided to produce the film on my story.

GG) Tell us about the film.

SN) It is story of Uncle played by Ashok Saraf and his nephew played by Prasad Oak. They are blamed for stealing the fund collected for temple in the village. They have to leave the village. During the journey to another city Prasad gets kidnapped and trapped in other problem. How they come out of this is the story.

GG) Was Ashok Saraf first choice to play the main role?

SN) Yes. I always write story keeping cast in mind. Ashokji is seasoned actor. He is the one who can justice the character of Janyamama and Shivshankar in terms of mannerism and voice.

GG) What is the USP of your film?

SN) For the first time Ashok Saraf is playing double role which is positive as well as negative. Secondly there is aarti of God Shani in the film. The aarti was always in digital format but for the first time Shaniji’s aarti you can see in film format.

GG) Where did you shoot the film?

SN) Shalini Palace and Kisha Bapucha Mala in Kolhapur. Plus also shoot at Satara, Phaltan and Mumbai.

GG) What was the schedule?

SN) We finished the film in 30 days schedule including five songs.

GG) What is your next project?

SN) I am doing two projects. First one I will start in April with Ashok Saraf and Sidhdharth Jadhav in lead roles. Second will start by June or July which have Bharat Jadhav and Sidhdharth Jadhav in lead roles.

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