Hina Khan has found a solution, to avoid any unpleasant situation in the Bigg Boss House

With Bigg Boss 11 house facing drama right since day 1 of the show there are some things of the contestants that haven’t gone unnoticed by the viewers. Be it Akash Dadlani’s rap or Shilpa Shinde’ songs, the one thing that has been eye grabbing is Hina Khan aka Sher Khan’s (as her fans call her) favorite dialogue “Talk to the Walls”.
‘Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ fame who’s been through lot of ups and downs right since day one has started using a new way to avoid conflicts or unpleasant arguments in the house. Hina Khan has a simple line to such people in the house ‘Talks to the Walls’ cutting of the conversation then and there.
Hina Khan’s new way of avoiding arguments and problems has been really trending, loved and used by all her fans. They really love the way she’s fighting against these situations. Now that is an amazing way to let go of Unpleasant Situations isn’t it?